Homemade Red Chilli Powder

We use this powder in almost all the dishes but I guess we all don’t pay enough attention to this when we really should. We buy red chilli powder from the stores that comes in sealed sachets, including me for various reasons. I was quite shocked upon hearing news that many adulterations takes place in the powders that people use. One such powder is chilli powder where they adulterate it with brick powder and food color powder.

Our mothers and grandmothers insisted on buying the whole chilllies and grinding it into powder before using. They also swear by the taste difference it would make to the whole recipe when home ground powder is used. So why suffer using adulterated powders when we can spend a little of our time and prepare it at home itself and be healthy.

You’ll Need:
Whole red chillies – ½ kgs
Kashmiri whole red chilli – 100 gms
Rock salt – ½ tsp


You can buy any chilli you want. Though the round ones are supposed to be more spicier. The use of kashmiri chillies is to give more color so that you can avoid food color in your recipes.

Dry both the chillies in sun. You can also microwave them if you are using lesser quantities. Do not remove the stem part of the chillies. Before taking for grinding them in the mill add the rock salt.

The addition of rock salt is to prevent the freshness of the powder when stored for a long time and you won’t get any small bugs or insects also.

Store in a dry container and use as required. Use a dry spoon.


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