Grape Juice

When I was kid I suffered from severe wheezing problem that when it started all I would be able to do was breathe in but can’t breathe out and as a result after half an hour of suffering my face and body would start turning blue and my parents had rush me to the doctor. All this when I was just 3 years. I still find it difficult to forget the nightmare that I went through. They could not find the reason behind this problem but had to take certain precautionary measures to prevent this attack. So I was not allowed to play, not even walk fast. No fruits at all except apple and a big no to eating cream biscuits, chocolates and ice creams.

I got so tired of eating apples that I would gladly feed them to horses now a days. It has been years since I ate an apple. I used to love grapes especially grape juice. The color of it used to haunt me and make me want to grab it and take a gulp and to heck with the wheezing when our neighbor aunty made it daily. But always the fear of pain that I had to face stopped me in time. But now I drink all the juice I can. It was possible only after I got 110 injections injected in my back within a span of two days. I thank God daily that my children are healthy and don’t have to suffer like me in their young age.

You'll Need:

Purple juice grapes – 20 to 25
Sugar – 5 tbsp
Water – 1 cup
Ice cubes


Put the grapes in some water and leave it for some time. This will take away the white fog sometimes that you see coated on the grapes. Put the grapes in a blender and run for 2 minutes without adding any water.

Now add the water and run for another 2 minutes. Pass this through a fine meshed colander so that the seeds and piths gets left behind. Add the sugar to this juice and mix well till the sugar dissolves. Sprinkle the salt on a plate. Take a tall glass and wet its rim. Dip the wet rim of the glass into the salt so that the rim of the glass gets coated with salt. Slightly pat the glass of the excess salt.

Now put the crushed ice cubes into the glass and pour the juice over the ice and serve immediately. The salt and sweet and sour taste of the juice will be heaven that you won’t forget in a rush.

I am glad that I am now able to eat whatever I can and want without a single moment hesitation. This may be sound silly to some but only a deprived person knows the hard ship that he or she underwent and appreciates what they have got. This goes to the sweet series of Mythreyee and also to WYF hosted by easy crafts.
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