Coconut Burfi in Microwave

This is an all time favorite burfi my Grandma used to make while all the kids of the house visited her during the holidays. She will do this burfi in her trademark “Venkala urli”. The heavenly smell of coconuts and ghee surrounds the whole house and we all will surround her while she cooked and vied for the first one to taste it.

I did this in the microwave on Friday for mahasivarathri as a prasadham as my In-Laws came to visit us and I dimply did not have enough time at hand. It is very sad. You miss out on the nostalgic part of it. This was Friday’s prasadam.

You’ll Need:

Grated fresh coconut – 1 cup

Milk – ¼ cup

Sugar – 5 tbsp

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

Yellow food color – 2 pinch

Ghee / clarified butter – 3 tsp

Method :

In a microwave safe bowl, mix together the ghee and fresh coconut and microwave on HIGH for 3 mins stirring once after 1 minute. Now add the milk, sugar, cardamom powder and yellow colour and microwave on HIGH for 3 more mins, stirring once after 1 minute.

Remove and immediately spread the mixture onto a greased plate and allow it to set for 1 hour. Cut into desired shapes and enjoy it to your heart’s content.

Tips: You can also grind the coconut with milk to a paste instead of using the coconut directly. If you are not using liquid food color dissolve the color in some milk before using. Do not over cook else the burfi might harden.
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