Coconut Pine Nuts Buns

This is another Asian sweet bread prepared with Tangzhong Starter - Water Roux Starter via Starch Gelatinization. They are so good that I have at least baked a dozen times. For the filling, besides coconut paste, nutella, or peanut butter would work great too.

  • 40 g Butter, at room temperature
  • 30 g Castor sugar
  • 8 g Vanilla sugar
  • 1 Egg
  • 80 g Dried coconut shreds
  • 50 g Evaporated milk
  • Some pine nuts

  1. Dissolve sugar with warm milk in a mixing bowl. Sprinkle dry yeast over and set aside for 10 minutes. Add in flour, milk powder, egg and the starter. Stir at low speed for 1 minute until all the ingredients combined. Increase to medium speed and continue kneading until the dough has become a soft and elastic ball. Adjust the speed to low. Stir in salt and butter until all incorporated. Increase the speed to medium again and knead until the gluten has developed.
  2. Take dough out and round it up into a ball. Place it in a lightly greased bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap. Set aside and proof in a warm place in the kitchen until the dough has doubled in bulk, about 1 hour. Degas the dough and divide the dough into 8 small even portions. Round up and set aside, covered with a plastic wrap, for 10 minutes.
  3. To prepare the filling by whipping castor sugar, vanilla sugar and butter until well-combined. Gradually add in egg, coconut shreds and evaporated milk. Set aside for 10 minutes until all milk has been thoroughly absorbed by coconut shreds.

  4. Place dough balls on a lightly floured work surface. With seam side down roll each dough into an oval. Turn and spread about 30 grams of coconut filling over the top. Roll up, starting at long side and seal. Fold the roll into a half. Bring the open edge towards yourself and make a slit lengthwise at the other side of the dough. Gently twist dough open and place it on a baking tray lined with a parchment paper. Let rise for about 45-60 minutes. Brush with egg wash and sprinkle some pine nuts over. Bake in a preheated 175C/350F oven for about 18 minutes until golden brown.

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