Day 2 - Pork of the day & mash

It turns out the gnocchi bake likes being used as leftovers. It reheated in the oven (Gas 5 for 20ish mins) really well, tastes more tomatoey and even looks better on the plate. Who knew?!

Joining the summery 'mash' is a humble pork chop. Anyone who knows me, knows I love the word chop, however I'm not always so keen on the actual meaty article. We picked these chops up on Sunday afternoon from the local Tesco express after realising we had nothing for Sunday dinner and my were we glad when we tasted them - thick and succulent and just the right size. The two chops were fried in a pan of lemon juice (fresh or bottled is fine), a splash of rapeseed oil (oh, go on, it was Crisp and Dry again but same difference) and a generous sprinkling of thyme. Cooked until the top of each chop can be pressed without bouncing back, then served immediately with the bake.

Mr B agreed that the bake is better after a day in the fridge maturing. We even forgave it it's lack of cheese.
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