A sweet potato thank you

My husband's house was a work in progress when I moved in and continues to be. However, this weekend marked the unveiling of the garden as a usable space. Until then is was a wilderness, overgrown and inhospitable to humans. Only tempting to frogs and bugs.

The lovely Olivia and Big Stu kick started the metamorphosis when they offered to help us clear it. Lots of people offer help but it never materialises, however they were true to their word and spent an entire day labouring hard - emerging bramble-scratched and with sore backs.

It felt only right then that our maiden BBQ was enjoyed by our garden angels. Little did I know but Olivia is a sweet potato fiend - here's the recipe (can you call it that? Not really...)

- 3 sweet potatoes (Or however many you need or want.)
- 3 tbsp oil (I used Crisp and Dry but anything will so. Don't use olive as it flares on the BBQ.)
- 4 cloves of garlic, crushed
- 3 stalks of rosemary (This is one of the few things in our garden that survived the culling, it was growing in a pot under a load of brambles. Hardy little thing. Can use dried too.)
- 1 tbsp dried thyme
- ground black pepper - a few turns of the mill

Wash the potatoes under a cold tap, then cut in half length ways, then into quarters, then into eighths. You want the wedges to be about 1cm in thickness. Take a freezer bag or any other plastic bag you have without holes and pop all the wedges into it.

Add all the other ingredients and tie the bag tightly. If you can leave overnight in the fridge, if not, for about 30 mins. The longer the better though really.

Once the BBQ is up and running (coals white and hot etc), remove the wedges from the bag, place on the BBQ and give them 5 mins each side until they're blistering and starting to slightly char. Serve immediately with dips and other BBQ type fodder.
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