Chocolate, cherry and hazelnut flapjack - very good for waiting around with

So I am still waiting. Day 11 of being overdue. Today I have to stay in the house and also wait for the hob element of the Early Learning Centre sizzlin' kitchen to be delivered. It was missing you see. And you can't make pretend sausages without a sizzling sound. So I am waiting for a baby and a pretend hob which is an unusual combo. Ideally I'd like the hob to arrive first but as it's day 11 I'm not that fussy. 

Whilst waiting this morning I decided I need something sweet and having eaten all other treats in the house (including Charlie's birthday sweets and lollies... oops) I raided the cooking shelf. It was full of half opened packets just dying to be mixed together with butter and golden syrup and so a new flavoured flapjack has been born. Well, new to the Bell household anyway. 

It only occurred to me whilst eating the second slice that this is a little reminiscent of Nutella. Now I don't buy the stuff or really have an opinion of it but when flapjack reminds me of it, somehow that's a good thing. The cherries can be omitted and substituted for any dried/candied fruit really. I know cherries are polarising. 

- 150g butter (Salted, unsalted, cheapy stuff or French with pretty wrapping, no matter.)
- 50g sugar (I used castor though any will do as it's going to be melted anyway.)
- 4tbsp golden syrup
- 215g porridge oats
- 100g hazelnuts, just as they are, no chopping, toasting etc
- 130g glace cherries, whole
- 85g of dark choc, broken into pieces, about 2cm square (I used Asda's basic dark chocolate which costs about 40p for a whole block.)

Preheat the oven to Gas 5 and line a tin that's about 20cm x 10cm with non stick paper. You can also use one of those silicone trays and not bother lining. 

Put the butter, sugar and syrup into a large saucepan and melt on a low heat until everything looks like caramel and smooth. Don't let it boil! Then add everything bar the chocolate and give it a really good stir until it's all combined nicely. 

Take off the heat and add the chocolate. Give a quick stir. It will start to melt. Transfer the whole sticky lot into your tin/tray, smooth over and pop into the oven at the top for about 20 mins. It's ready when it's starting to brown at the edges so do check it. 

Leave to cool in the tin and then slice when almost cold. Enjoy whilst waiting for things. Or in a lunchbox. Or with ice cream for pudding. 

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