Adieu 2010

I rewind my steps to the year that went by and I can't say that it was uneventful. In the middle of the year I met with an accident and was incapacitated for a few months. I had to refrain myself from a lot of activities that I pursued with a passion. Even my PG course had to take a back seat as I was not in any position to sit for the exams let alone study. The elders in my family too had several health related problems  and we all had to make frequent visits to the Doctor. 

The only comfort is that my kids had a great year, were very successful and did not have a single health problem through out the year. Both of them started learning a new language.  On the whole I would like to forget the painful experience that followed in the months after the accident and start concentrating on the forth coming year with vigor and enthusiasm.

I have planned to return to blogging and celebrate my 100th post which shortly due by hosting an event which will also be my first will follow in a few days. 

Wishing all my friends a great new year ahead.
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