Light and sweet carrot cake - a cake without the guilt

Okay, so I don't often put recipes up here from cookbooks/magazines etc. Why? Certainly not because I think my recipes are better and certainly not because I don't cook from books and magazines. Simply that I assume anyone reading a blog about food probably does this already. 

So, unusually I am posting this carrot cake recipe which is by Good Food magazine. Frankly it's just sodding amazing so I have to share the carrot cake love with everyone else. I can't keep it a secret any longer. It's easy easy easy to make. Tastes sweet and light and divine. Freezes like a dream (cut into squares first and simply let defrost over the course of a morning in lunch boxes - I don't bother icing if I'm freezing for this reason.) It's made with oil so in my book can be enjoyed by my Dad who had heart problems a few years ago. Oh and it contains both carrots and raisins so it's almost one of your five a day. 

Top tips - if you don't like carrots then substitute apples, also add walnuts/pinenuts/any nuts you fancy frankly to give it a little bite and in my opinion, don't bother with the orange icing. Instead grab some icing sugar and some cream cheese and whisk away until you have an oozy sweet cheesecakey filling. Spoon or spread on and enjoy with a cup of tea and a sit down. 
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