Orange Chenna Payesh

This happened on the republic day’s evening when the kids started insisting on having a dessert especially something cold after dinner. I was not upto it as I had high grade fever but did not have the heart to deny them as they were at home. I wanted to try something different other than kheers, which is quick, less messy and simple. No waiting over the stove and stirring relentlessly. Luckily I had some fresh oranges that Hubby dear had bought that day in the store. Here is the most easiest dessert which can be made in a jiffy......

You'll Need:
Milk – 2 cups / 200 ml
Condensed milk – ½ cup
Fresh Paneer (grated) – ½ cup
Orange segments – ½ cup
Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp

In a large glass bowl combine the milk and condensed milk and micro at high for 2 minutes. Add the cardamom powder and paneer and mix well. Microwave  again at high for 2 minutes. Cool completely and add the orange segments. Serve chilled.

This tastes super duper good only when it is chilled. You can first do the dessert and push it in the fridge and go about your dinner. By the time you have finished your dinner the dessert will be ready and waiting.

Note: Microwave timings may vary accordingly. I used home made paneer instead of store bought as they have a rubbery  feel.

This is off to Delicious Desserts being hosted by Ally and to Smita who is hosting Cooking with Fruits.
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