Mini chocolate bird's nests

My observations about young children:

- They like chocolate.
- They like anything miniature (probably due to their own half pint size.)
- They like anything that pretends to be something else.

I'm talking about Matey bubble bath that looks like a sailor, rucksacks that look like dead cows slung across their backs, beds that double up as trains and chocolate mice. I have to say I'm with them on this particular like.

So here's a recipe remembered from my childhood, except I've made it even more mini than it was in the 80s. I hope you like it. Charlie and his little friend only got a couple each as I snaffled the rest. They are kind of canapé size after all...

Makes 12


- 30g butter (I used that light butter spread but only 'cause damned Tesco substituted 5 tubs of this for the 5 blocks of butter I ordered... who on earth did my shopping? Anyway, I now need to use it.)
- 10g golden syrup - this is about a heaped teaspoon.
- 100g milk chocolate broken into squares
- 40g mini shredded wheat cereal crumbled up between your fingers
- half a bag of mini mini eggs, I used these from Asda but I have to say I used them for their look and not their very sugary, tooth enamel damaging taste
- 12 of those little tiny petit four cases

So quick and easy it's tempting to eat the lot before it gets to the cases and make another batch. Obviously I didn't do that though. That would be akin to eating spaghetti hoops from the saucepan.

Melt the butter, golden syrup and chocolate in a saucepan over a low heat until the lot has dissolved into a chocolatey shiny mess. Then add the shredded wheat and stir with a metal spoon until all the strands of 'nest' are covered. Using a teaspoon fill the petit four cases with the nest material, making a small dip in the middle of each nest for 3 little eggs to be pushed into. Leave to cool and in the unlikely event that these last beyond about an hour, store in a tin and not in the fridge. They go soggy in the fridge you see. 
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