10 Ways to Stick with Paleo

Ok, I need to explain my life a bit for you to understand why I'm such stickler when it comes to excuses. If you know me, you know I try not to make excuses in my own life, especially when it comes to my diet.  So here we go: I work A LOT. I have a few jobs and what little time I have in between, I'm usually getting in a WOD or cooking (you can imagine the excitement of my dating life). This busy life of mine means I have to have ALL my meals packed for the day or I'm going to starve, and maybe kill a few people along the way. Kidding...I'll probably just give you dirty looks instead. So, I make all my meals on Sunday night, container them up, and store away in the fridge for later eating. It's really not HARD, it's just figuring out your own life and reorganizing your priorities that is the difficult part.

10. Do your research!
Do you even know why you eat paleo? I mean it's cool if you don't but wouldn't it be nice to know why you live your life a certain way and be able to explain it to others. As long as you're following the steps below, you will ALWAYS be questioned why you eat like you do. People are offended easily when it comes to diet, so knowing your own reasoning makes people b*tch less about their whole grains in their diet. Be sure to catch up on your readings and podcasts with Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain, or find out an incredible amount of information with Mark Sisson.

9. Invest in an adorable lunch box
Ok, it doesn't HAVE to be adorable, but figure out some kind of lunch box, cooler, or bag that will make it handy for you to bring meals or snacks with you wherever you go! I use an adorable tote like this one to pack 3 meals plus snacks into! I also sometimes use my leftover Lululemon bags to pack food in if I'm in a bunch! These handy dandy lunch boxes by PlanetBox are cool for kids and adults! Or you can stick with the original cooler (check out the blog post by Whole9). Whatever you want to use to pack your food, USE IT!

8. Invest in lots of tupperware
If you have crappy Tupperware, you're going to have one hell of a disaster in your lunch box. Seriously...curry doesn't clean up well, that sh*t stains!! I've found that if you invest in nicer Tupperware (staying away from the $1 Kroger style ones) you are more likely to keep track of them and clean those suckers out regularly. These are the Rubbermaid Tupperware sets I use and LOVE. The lids stick together so they're easy to store AND these things don't leak!

7. Check sales flyer's for all the grocery stores around you and go to multiple grocery stores!
I know, I know, you don't have time!! But who really has time...stop rolling your eyes thinking about how I'm single and know nothing....everyone can find time!! If you want to eat right and save money, that means a little bit of travel. I look online at Sunflower Market and King Soopers every week to find the best deals and what kind of meats are on sale, then I plan my meals for the week based upon those sales. You can also stop by Farmer's Markets during the summer to get great deals on produce!

6. Check out recipes online
Don't know what to make for dinner tonight? Stop your whining! First, of course you should check out my blog. If you're just not feeling my flare this week, check out my blog roll off the the right. I only read the best blogs with the best paleo cuisine! Jen's Gone Paleo, Everyday Paleo, Mark's Daily Apple Recipes, and Primal-Palate are just a few of my go-to sites that provide some fantastic recipes and guidance in the paleo lifestyle!

5. Invest in spices!
You think paleo is just veggies and meat with a splash of olive oil added in? Well, first of all--your life sucks, but you are also very wrong...paleo has truly some of the best flavors out there, you just have to open your eyes to the possibilities. Staples in my kitchen include: cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic powder, onion power, black pepper, sea salt, paprika, curry, ground mustard, ginger, garam masala, oregano, and a few others that obviously aren't that important if I can't think of them. But spice can definitely get pricey...so what do I do?? I first buy most of my spices by Kroger brand, THEN, if there is something i can't find for cheap, I head over to Sunflower Market or Whole Foods and bag up my own spices!! YES, you can bag up spices just like nuts or dried fruit, etc. Best idea ever!! Then you can get as little or as much as you and put them in your own cute containers like these!

4. Cook large meals at the beginning of the week
Are you always on the go and don't have time to make a meal every night? That's fine, just invest one evening a week for that! After you buy your groceries and plan out what you want to cook, cook everything up on say, Sunday!! It doesn't have to be Sunday, but it seems like a good day for most people to get their "chores" done and this is one of them! Chop up your fruits and veggies and then make 2-3 full meals and put them in containers. This way, it's easy to grab and go!

3. Morph your idea of breakfast!
If you were raised like me, breakfast was sugary cereals and pancakes/french toast on the weekends, covered in heavenly syrup (life was good then). But breakfast doesn't HAVE to look like that. Breakfast is just another meal in the day next to lunch and dinner. So treat it that way. Eat leftover steak or crock pot pork tenderloin from the night before. Can't stomach meat in the morning (well you're missing out) but try some bacon and eggs and add in some fruit and veggies. Breakfast doesn't have to be toast with jelly and a side of wholesome Wheaties! Try out Bacon and Eggs to Go, Paleo Oatmeal , or a Root Veggie Hash.

2. Eat protein when you feel like snacking.
One of the most helpful things I've found to sticking with my diet is snacking right. Whenever I need a snack, instead of turning to a carbohydrate such as fruit (which will spike the insulin pretty darn quick and make you hungrier, sooner) I turn to protein. Grab some deli meat, or leftover meat from dinner last night, OR grab some jerky (no-sugar added, of course). Protein will fill you up fast, keep you full, and won't make you run back for another snack an hour later. Protein and fat is where it's at! HA, I rhymed.

1. And, of course, stop the excuses and stop being lazy!!
Eating healthy takes a bit more work than eating the normal American diet. If you think that you are going to change your life without putting in the time and effort, you're wrong. Plan ahead, make delicious food, and stick with it--EVERY DAY!! In a pinch and need food asap, I can almost bet you there is a grocery store just as close as a fast food joint! Head in there for some deli meat, an apple, and some almonds...MEAL ACCOMPLISHED! Life really is not as hard as we make it out to be. If we put in good effort every single day, our lives seem to fall in place. Eat healthy, feel stronger, live better. Simple as pie, right?

Post your thoughts and ideas to comments! I LOVE hearing from anyone :)
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