Banana and custard melts

Have you ever been disappointed? There's a list that swims around in my head of things that just should have been better. Here's a few:

1) A la carte kitchens. Or rather the ad for this children's toy manna from the '80s. I was fully prepared to use a naked flame and serve warm beans on toast to my parents in bed. What did I get? Plastic beans. Plastic toast. No flame. 
2) Leaving school. I couldn't wait to get away from the blue kilt, strict teachers and PE knickers. Suddenly without anything to rebel against rebellion was futile. And rebellion is of course nothing but fun. 
3) Labour and my rubbish pain threshold. Pre labour: "I want to feel the pain and give birth naturally." Post birth: speechless. And that was with an epidural. 
4) McDonalds milkshake. I nagged and nagged. I was 8. They gave in. Imagine my shock and horror when I needed a spoon to eat a banana milkshake. It wasn't meant to be that way. Not in my head. 

So I'm over some of these things. Okay, I'm only over the last one. And that's 'cause I've found a way to encapsulate my idea of the perfect banana milkshake flavour in biscuit form. Yum. Makes 12 ish. 


For the biscuits:
117g unsalted butter, very soft
27g icing sugar
100g plain flour
17g custard powder

For the filling:
100g icing sugar
50g butter
15g custard powder
15g banana Nesquick powder

The butter has has has to be very soft. I leave mine out overnight. If you don't, you can't pipe these little beauties. 

Preheat the oven to Gas 4. Use an electric hand mixer to cream the butter until it turns lighter in colour, then add the icing sugar and beat again. Then add the flour and custard powder and carefully combine with the mixer. Might be worth mixing with a wooden spoon first to make sure you don't splay flour and custard powder everywhere. 

Next take a large star tip and a piping bag and pop the biscuit gloop into it. Then pipe stars straight onto a baking tray (The high butter content means you don't need to line unless you enjoy lining trays that is) about 1 inch across and about 1.5 inches apart. You need to pipe 24 to make 12 biscuits but just pipe as many as you can. If you don't have a piping bag then just use teaspoons to pop blobs of the mixture onto the tray. They won't look as pretty but frankly this is about recreating banana milkshake/custard flavours, not a beauty contest. 

Put into the oven on the middle/top shelf and watch like a hawk. These turn from uncooked to dark brown in the blink of an eye. Usually 10 mins from start to finish to cook but watch towards the end. Once cooked remove from the oven and place tray on a rack. Don't poke, lift or prod the biscuits until they are completely cool. They are fragile little things. 

Make the filling - just cream all the ingredients together. Once the biscuits are dry, pair them into equal sizes and then either pipe the filling onto one half of each biscuit or spoon on. Then gently press the biscuits together and leave to set. Eat with milk like it's 1988. 

(Oh and if you fancy a strawberry milkshake flavour then strawberry Nesquick does a wonderful job...)
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