Homemade seed crackers

Ready to put in the oven.

This is a basic recipe for baking your own homemade crackers. You can try out different amount and combinations of seeds and flakes with your favourite herb.


1 dl flax seeds
2 dl water

1 dl sunflower seeds
1/2 dl pumpkin seeds
1/2 dl sesame seeds
1/2 dl buckwheat flakes
1 tsp herbal salt

Soak the flaxseed for 30 minutes. Add the other ingredients together and mix it. Spread out on a baking paper as thin as you can. 
Bake in oven for 15 minutes on 150 degrees, take out and put it on a grid.
Bake 10 minutes on each side (20 minutes total - take out and cut it into small pieces after 10 minutes).
Let it dry in the oven utill completely dry.

Enjoy baking!
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