Homemade granola ..



4 dl crushed buckwheat
2 dl coconut flakes
1 dl almonds
1 dl sunflower seeds
2 tablespoon flaxseeds
1 dl coconut oil
1-2 teaspoons cinnamon
0,5 dl agave syrup

Preheat oven to 165 degrees C. Combine the ingredients(wait with coconut oil and agave syrup) in a large bowl, melt the coconut oil and pour the oil and syrup over the dry ingredients, making sure all the dry ingredients are coated with liquid. Spread onto the prepared baking sheet and bake for about 30 - 45 minutes or until golden brown, stirring occasionally so the mixture browns evenly.
Place on a wire rack to cool. It will become crisp and dry as it cools.

Once the granola has cooled you can add a variety of dried fruits; apricots, raisin, white mulberry or gojiberries.

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