Cooking Ginisang Sayote

Cooking ginisang sayote (saute'd chayote) is an easy recipe. It's a crunchy take on eating a delicious vegetable dish.

Cooking Ginisang Sayote

Here's how I do it.

Cooking ginisang sayote may be done with pork, chicken, beef or shrimps. For this dish, I'm using shrimps so that makes it a much easier dish.

Cooking Ginisang Sayote

I like cooking ginisang sayote because it involves so little prep time and very little ingredients. Sayote or chayote is packed with vitamins and minerals. Kids would love this recipe especially when done just right. Chayote vegetable can be as crunchy as a carrot which makes it fun to eat.

Are you ready for some cooking?

Ingredients in cooking ginisang sayote:
- sayote, cut in strips
- shrimps, de-veined and cut in half
- garlic, crushed
- onion, chopped
- tomato, cut
- hot water
- fish sauce
- pepper
- chili pepper (optional)

Let's start cooking ginisang sayote:

Cooking Ginisang Sayote

1. Saute' garlic in a very hot pan.
2. Add in the onions. Mix well.
3. Add in the tomatoes. Stir well.
Quick tip: Crush the tomatoes as they are cooked to release its juices.

4. Add in the chayote.
5. Add some hot water to allow the flavors to mix.
6. When the chayote is nearly cooked, add in the shrimps.

Quick tip: Shrimps easily cook under heat; that's why we put it after the chayote. If you're cooking with pork or beef, saute' them with garlic first, before adding the chayote.

7. Season with fish sauce and pepper.
8. Cover the pan.
9. Let it simmer.
10. Add chili pepper for a spicy dish.
11. Transfer to a plate to avoid over-cook.
12. Serve while hot.

Simple and very easy to do. No added msg too!

Remember me when you cook!
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