Spicy hummus - the way students survive

Foto: Lina Bou

Cheap, good and takes justa few minutes to make. Make it in a big bowl, and keep it in the fridge for the week. Serve with salads or spread on crackers. Eat your hummus! ;)

3 dl chickpeas - if you cook them your self, soak them over night with a bit of bicarbonat(1 tablespoon to a whole package of peas). Next morning, rince and fill the saucepan with new water up to the edge. Boil for around 45min - 1 hour.
1 tablespoon creamed tahini
1 teaspoon lemonjuice
1 clove of garlic
salt & black pepper
cayennpepper, start with very little, it can be really hot so watch out! 
add some water (about 1 dl) so you don't kill your blender.

Just put the ingredients in a bowl, and mix with a hand blender.

Lina Bou

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