Cooking Lumpiang Togue

If you're looking for a bean sprout recipe, you're in the right page.

I'll share with you how I'm cooking lumpiang togue (bean sprout rolls) which is great with any fried dish.

Cooking Lumpiang Togue

Read on.

Cooking lumpiang togue is an easy bean sprout recipe. I find the chopping and cutting of ingredients the more difficult part since there is quite a lot. Of the other lumpia dishes though, cooking fish lumpia is probably the most challenging.

There are many ways to cook lumpiang togue. Some pre-cook the fillings before rolling them into chunks. I, on the other hand, prefer to make the rolls while the filling is raw. This creates a more crunchy bite. Also, some are cooking with tofu; as for me, I prefer using pork.

Ingredients in cooking lumpiang togue:
- bean sprouts, washed and drained

Cooking Lumpiang Togue

- ground pork
Put just enough pork in this dish. You don't want to it to over-power the bean sprouts. The pork should only add flavor, texture and juice to the mixture. The main ingredient is still the bean sprouts.

- carrots, julienne-d
- green beans, julienne-d
- 2 pieces of cabbage leaves, shredded
- coriander, chopped
Coriander is a key ingredient in cooking lumpiang togue. Be generous on this ingredient as it will add flavor and aroma to your dish.

Cooking Lumpiang Togue

- garlic, chopped
- onions, chopped
- cornstarch or flour
- eggs
- fish sauce
- soy sauce
- salt and pepper, to tast
- spring roll wrapper, big-size
- cooking oil
- water

Let's start cooking lumpiang togue:
1. Mix all the ingredients in a deep bowl to make the bean sprout filling. All except the following:

  • spring rolls
  • cooking oil
  • water
Cooking Lumpiang Togue

2. Mix the ingredients well. The consistency of the mixture shouldn't be too dry. If it is so, you may add an another egg. 
3. Taste a portion of the mixture. Make sure it has the right flavors. 
4. Roll them into big spring rolls. Close the endings by damping water to the wrapper so that it sticks.

Cooking Lumpiang Togue

Not all spring roll wrappers are made the same. Some wrappers are thinner than others. If you bought the thin kind, make sure you use 2 sheets in wrapping. 

5. Deep-fry the rolls. Refrigerate any excess rolls that you made. You can cook them on a prior time.
6. Serve with vinegar, chili and crushed garlic condiment.

Cooking lumpiang togue may take a lot of time, especially for prepping. I suggest you clear your table and sit as you prep your ingredients. That's what I do, at least.

Remember me when you cook!
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