Cooking Cabbage and Carrots

Cooking cabbage and carrots is like a Chopsuey recipe. It's a stir-fry dish, Chinese-inspired, perhaps; and it's very easy to do.

Cooking Cabbage and Carrots

This cabbage and carrots recipe is borne from necessity. At least this one is.

See, I'm usually cooking for two. I would use only a portion of every ingredients I need, e.g. carrots, bell pepper, cabbages, to prepare one full dish.

If you visit my fridge, you'll see a number of bits and pieces of cut vegetables which I store and re-store until they are all finally used up. This time, I badly need to finish my last portion of carrots and cabbages. And so, cooking cabbage and carrots recipe evolves.

Here's how to make this dish.

Ingredients in cooking cabbage and carrots:
- cabbages, shredded or pulled apart
- carrots, cut thinly in halves
- bell pepper, julienne-d
- beans, julienne-d
- garlic, crushed
- ground pork
- oyster sauce
- fish sauce
- powdered pepper
- hot water
- cooking oil

Let's start cooking cabbages and carrots, stir-fry!
1. Pour in cooking oil in a hot pan.
2. Saute' a portion of the garlic. Stir well until golden.
3. Add the ground pork.
4. When cooked, remove the pork from pan.
5. Season the pork with fish sauce and pepper. Set aside for later.
6. Using the same pan, saute' the rest of the garlic.
7. Under high heat, add in the carrots.
8. Add the beans. Stir well.
9. Add the cabbages. Stir well.
10. Add the flavored pork.
11. Lower the heat to medium.
12. Add some water to allow the flavors to mix well together.
13. Season the dish with oyster sauce and pepper.
14. Add in the bell pepper. Mix well.
15. When cooked, remove the dish from pan or place the pan on a cool surface with the dish on.

Cooking Cabbage and Carrots

No need to cover the pan at this point, else the vegetables may be over-cooked.

16. Serve with hot rice.

Cooking cabbages and carrots is a quick meal that kids at adults would like. It's a dish rich in beta-carotene, fiber and proteins. You'd have to love this.

Remember me when you cook!
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