Cooking Garlic Pork

Cooking garlic pork is what you do when you're pressed for time. It's a quick and easy home cooking recipe that your family will enjoy.

Cooking Garlic Pork

Anything fried tastes good, right? When you add a bit of sugar to it, it tastes even better. That's what we're doing in cooking garlic pork. This dish is very similar to my garlic pork with coriander recipeThis is the simpler version to that dish. 

Here's what we do:

Ingredients in cooking garlic pork:
- pork, cut in strips (preferably loin/lean cut)
- generous amount of garlic, crushed
- sugar (preferably brown)
- fish sauce
- pepper
- cooking oil
- hot water

Notice that we don't need any other artificial seasoning for this dish (and in most of my recipes). We would like to get most flavors from our spice, e.g. garlic and pepper. We don't like to depend too much on MSG's anyway.

Let's start cooking garlic pork recipe!
1. Pour oil in a very hot pan.
2. Saute' the garlic until golden.
3. Put the pork strips in the pan.

Cooking Garlic Pork

4. Put the pan under medium heat. Allow the pork to release its juices.

These juice are actually saturated fats. While they are very tasty, you don't want too much of them in your body. You can scoop most of the juices of the pan as the pork cooks. Leave some, if you want.

5. When the pork is cooked, season with fish sauce, sugar and pepper.

Cooking Garlic Pork

6. Add some hot water to prevent the dish from sticking.
7. Mix well until the flavors come together.
8. Serve with hot rice and a serving of vegetables.

Cooking Garlic Pork

This garlic pork recipe is inspired by Thai cooking. They usually add sugar in almost all their dishes. I hope you enjoy this one.

Remember me when you cook!
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