Frying Pomfret Fish

I recently bought fresh pomfret fish from the market.

I'm not new in cooking pomfret; however, it is my first to fry them.

Cooking pomfret fish

If you're wondering how to cook or what pomfret fish tastes like, read on to find out.

I didn't know what to do with my pomfret fish when I bought them. I just thought it would be fun at home to try a new dish. It's a good thing too since pomfret fish tastes good. The flesh is soft to eat. However when you cook them, your neighbors would know that you are cooking fish!

I first tried cooking pomfret fish in sour broth. That recipe turned out well. I will do that again. Now, I'd like to try and fry them for a change. Fried fish goes very well with my mung bean soup recipe, anyway. I'll cook that one too for our dinner tonight.

Let's begin!

Ingredients in frying pomfret fish:
- pomfret fish, seasoned with salt
- ginger, crushed

Cooking pomfret fish

Some fish have stronger stench than others. I find that pomfret fish has a rather strong fish odor. Ginger, in this case is a great odor eliminator. Try this next time you're cooking fish with strong fish-y smell. I promise you it works!
- cooking oil

Frying pomfret fish like a pro!

1. Heat up the pan.
2. Pour in the cooking oil when the pan is heated up.
3. Put in the ginger before frying the fish.
4. Fry the pomfret fish as you would do any kind of fish.

Cooking pomfret fish

5. When cooked, let it drain.
6. Serve with soup and hot rice.

Cooking pomfret fish

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