3 yellow favourites for your health

Dandelion is a bitter herb, it helps the digestion and it is also diuretic. It's a tonic for both liver and kidneys and it work against joint and muscle inflammation.
Drink dandelion tea before your meal, take it as powder in your morning drink or buy a herbal tincture.

I like to start the morning with one glass of pure grapefruitjuice, 1 tsp dandelion- , spirulina-, wheatgrasspowder and some fresh mint.

*you normally use the leafs and/or stem of dandelion, not the yellow flower so actually this friend is not really yellow. But you associate it with the colour.

Turmeric - Curcuma
It feels a bit rude to sommarize curcuma in a short text, it has a big effect on your health and helps prevent many things.
Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant, it helps digestion because of the bitter taste, it supports the liver - both phase I and II, it's anti-inflammatory and can lower high cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Do I have to say more?

Use it in cooking(great in hummus, soups or stews), buy herbal tincture or take 1 teaspoon x 2 per day in a glas of water together with black pepper and olive oil for better uptake of the active substance, before meal. 

I love to add ginger in my food when I`m cooking or making juices or tea. It helps the circulation in the body and it`s also well known for it`s antiinflamatoric effects that reduces colds, pain and other sicknesses in the body. It prevents nausea and it is also a digestive herb. Ginger keeps you warm in the cold season!

Try a freshsqueezed orange-, carotte- and ginger juice!

Lina Bou

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