For a successful detox

  • If you do a cleansing, make sure that you support your cleansing organs, especially the liver. If you have many toxins, bacterias or parasites inside your body your liver can be overloaded of things to take care of and you might have some strong reactions if your liver is already working hard or if the phases are not working so good. 
Herbs as milk thistle(probably the most famous one), artichoke, licorice and dandelion are all supporting the liver.

  • Make sure you get rid of the stuff; sweat - always work out, dry brushing, take laxative herbs(dandelion, senna, cascara, rhubarb etc.), drink a lot of water. If you releases toxins, and they don't leave the body, it means they are still inside, but moving and that can be harmful for you.

  • Include the diet! It's the basic to get best the best results. Avoid gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol and too much coffee during your detox period. For many people that's enough to change diet in two weeks to feel a lot more better.

  • Be nice to your body, detox suppose to be a nice thing for you, like a good treat, so make it comfortable! Maybe it's enough with five days the first time, I think two weeks is a good goal. 
Make sure you don't make it too complicated if you are not used to do it, it might end up unclear, without results or just a bad experience.

    So, don't forget the diet, herb for cleansing, supporting and releasing for a successful detox.

    Good luck,

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