Making Ham Marinade for Sandwich

I try to avoid mayo-based sandwiches as much as I can. I usually make my hubby's sandwiches with strawberry jam, peanut butter or eggs. Recently, I added a new recipe to my sandwich list. It's not mayo-based as well and just as delightful.

I made marinade that is similar to the glazing on our traditional Christmas ham!

Sandwich Recipe

Read on to get my ham marinade sandwich here.

A few years ago, I remember my hubby loving his ham sandwich made from our left-over Christmas ham. He enjoyed the sweet, tangy glazing of the ham on his bread. And so, I figured why wait for the Christmas season. It's time I make my own glazed ham.

Here are the ingredients:
- pineapple syrup

Making Ham Marinade for Sandwich

- maple syrup (brown sugar will do if you don't have maple)

Making Ham Marinade for Sandwich

- yellow or Dijon mustard
- salt and pepper
- Chinese wine (optional)
- Cold cuts (e.g. ham, turkey, chicken or beef)

Making Ham Marinade for Sandwich

Let's start making ham marinade:
1. Mixed all the ingredients together in a container with lid.
2. Put only a little (half teaspoon, would do) of the Chinese cooking wine. It adds a distinct flavor into the marinade. However, it may be too strong for others' taste.
3. Season the marinade with salt and pepper.
4. Marinate your cold cuts. I used turkey and pork loin ham for my hubby's sandwich.
5. Cook the cold cuts as desired. Keep the rest of the cuts in the fridge for future meals/snacks.
6. When the glaze turns brown, turn your cold cuts to the other side.

This ham marinade recipe uses no artificial seasonings so you know it's the healthier choice for your family. Try also my chicken turkey sandwich recipe. This one's not mayo-based, as well.


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