Pumpkin Ravioli

There are few people in life you come across that you absolutely admire.  My sweet friend Amanda who writes for the blog Marshall's Abroad would be one of those people.  She truly is beautiful inside and out and takes such pride in everything she does, whether it be her runs on the beach every morning or her amazing photography while living life abroad with her hubby in Okinawa or even the incredible food she makes.

Everything is done so beautifully and I'm SO happy I get to share one of her delicious recipes with you all today!

Hello, Eat Yourself Skinny readers! 
Like Kelly, I have a serious love for pumpkin. (:
This was the first time I've made ravioli from scratch, and it was surprisingly much easier than I thought it would be; it's one of my most favorite dishes that has ever come out of our tiny kitchen!

I browned the warm butter and added rosemary and thyme in at the last minute to create a savory match for the sweet pumpkin -- mmm, it just melts in your mouth.

Welcome, Fall!

 The pasta dough is simply 5 eggs, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of olive oil & 3 cups of all-purpose flour. If you own a pasta maker, this will be easy. If not, you'll get to do this by hand like me! (:

In a small bowl, beat the eggs, salt & olive oil. In a large bowl, place the flour and pour in the egg mixture. Stir with a fork and fold together until all of the egg mixture is absorbed and the dough forms into a sticky ball.  Flour your hands and divide the dough into 3 separate ones. Knead each dough a bit to form it into a ball. Cover each in cellophane and refrigerate for a few hours.

 Roll out the ball of dough as flat as you can get it. I cut mine into squares with a knife, but you could use a cookie cutter for a different shape or to get it more exact. I liked mine imperfect... rustic. (;

After you've cut the dough into squares, it helped me to roll each square a bit more before scooping on the pumpkin mixture. Place another square on top, and using a fork, press the two pieces of dough together at the edges, which creates a pretty border.

For the simple pumpkin filling: 1 can of pumpkin, 1 cup of Pecorino {or Ricotta}, 2 Teaspoons of Nutmeg, 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon, and a dash of salt and pepper.

Once you've finished putting together the raviolis, place them in a pot of well sea-salted boiling water until they rise to the top. About 3-4 minutes. Carefully scoop them out into a colander to drain.

Melt 3 tablespoons of butter. Just before it starts to brown, add fresh rosemary and thyme leaves stirring until the butter slightly browns. Pour over raviolis... take a deep breath before you inhale the whole plate... and enjoy!

 Doesn't that just look like it should be out of a magazine??
And it's just the absolute perfect dish for Fall.

Thanks Amanda for this wonderful dish and be sure to check out Marshall's Abroad and follow along as she shares her incredible life with her sweet hubby one photograph at a time.

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