What are G-BOMBS??? Another great word (acronym) coined by Dr. Fuhrman: Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Seeds and nuts.

Why are these foods so important? Independently they are powerhouses of nutrition, fighters of disease and boosters of immunity. For example, did you know that mushrooms block tumor growth and have anti-estrogenic activity – regular consumption of mushrooms – as little as one mushroom per day – has been shown to decrease breast cancer risk by up to 60-70%?* WOW! Really? This should be on the front page of every newspaper in America. Synergistically, we can only speculate how these foods combine to create the ideal environments in our bodies, but consuming these foods regularly will certainly lead you on the road to optimum health.

Visit Dr. Fuhrman's website for more information about G-BOMBS!

Healthy trails,

*Zhang M, Huang J, Xie X, et al: Dietary intakes of mushrooms and green tea combine to reduce the risk of breast cancer in Chinese women. Int J Cancer 2009;124:1404-1408.
*Shin A, Kim J, Lim SY, et al: Dietary mushroom intake and the risk of breast cancer based on hormone receptor status. Nutr Cancer 2010;62:476-483.
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