Warming food

For most of you readers we are heading to the cold winter season now. There`s more than clothes and love that keeps you warm during this time, here are some food that keeps your feet warm and give your body some heat;

Everyone knows it, ginger gets you warm! It helps circulation, digestion and is good for the immune system. Drink ginger tea, use it in soups or why don't you add some raw into your salad?

Some meat
Meat heats up your body, I call it "heavy food" because it makes you more strong when the wind and the cold is outside. Raw food is delicious and very healthy, but sometimes, some people just need some more "heavy food"! Chicken soup, grilled lamb or why not a good steak? Always good quality of course, as free range or organic.

Good source of protein, so easy to prepare and it really gets you warm. Miso is probably one of the easiest and healthiest fastfood.

Spices! Cinnamon heat up your body because of the property of increasing circulation, it also increases your metabolism. Even just the smell of cinnamon makes you warm and happy! Add cinnamon to your morning müsli, in your coffee or in the spicy lentilsoup.

Let's stay warm this winter!

Lina Bou
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