What is a Nutritarian?

The Nutritarian Food Pyramid
Becoming a "Nutritarian" took some getting used to, I must admit! But now I would not consider eating any other way. Why? Well, health benefits and weight loss aside, I just love the taste of high-nutrient foods! When I first began eating a plant-based diet with no added oil, salt or sugar, my body was in shock. I went through quite a detoxification period. But now I can enjoy the most subtle flavors of natural foods which previously was impossible due to my taste buds being overwhelmed by so much added salt! 

Knowing that I am giving my body WHAT IT NEEDS to achieve superior health is a good feeling. One of the reasons I created this blog is so that I can share with others my newfound culinary adventures and continuing path to extraordinary health and vitality.

For more information, check out what Dr. Fuhrman has to say about being a Nutritarian!

Healthy trails,

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