Food for stable blood sugar levels

Photo by Lina Bou

To have a stable blood sugar is very important for your health as it has a big effect on your endocrine system wich means that it effects a big part of your body and function. Blood sugar swings results in fatigue, bad mood/ moodswings, depression, etc.

If you eat a lot of sugar during the day(including food/beverage with a high GI/GL as juices etc.), your bloodsugar will go up and down as a rollercoaster. Keep in mind that one thing (of many) reason to not consume to much sugar is that it doesn't give you much energy in longterm. So if you are hungry between your meals, have some almonds, nuts, fruit, berries, fruit or why not some energiballs?

To have a natural blood sugar level, eat your fats(good sources of fat like olive oil, coconut oil etc.), avoid sugar, processed foods and artificial additives, eat small snacks between meals or take herbs that helps.

My favourite herbs for promoting healthy blood sugar;

Gotu Kola
This "yogi-herb" helps to regulate the blood sugar levels. It is calming and good for the nervsystem. Also a good bacteria-killer!

Vitalising antioxidant that supports the liver and the kidneys and also is used for regulation of the blood sugar.

This wonderful spice is also a very good blood sugar stabilizer, by stimulating the insulin reseptors in a way that makes the body produce less insulin.
Use cinnamon as a sweetner! 

Gymnema sylvestre
This herb is traditionally used as a treatment for diabetes I and II.

Lina Bou

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