Choose a good morning

Foto: Lina Bou.
A glas of fresh juice gives your body the opportunity to start the day well.

A good start when you wake up, means a good morgning, and that's very important for the rest of the day. I talked a bit about finding your routine in the last post, which is also very important and included. I am going to share one of my morning routines with you, that many days, make my day.

This is an easy, powerful juice that wake me up and gives the body a real boost every morning.

Bou's morning-juice;
Dandelion powder, read more here
Grapefruit juice, 100% pure
+ optional superfood 
    sometimes I use another cleansing herb, for example spirulina or wheatgrass, or I like to add a mix of super berries which gives a lot of antioxidant, vitamine C and a very good taste also to the other bitters. Depends on what I want, what I need and feel like.

Lina Bou

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