Boosting the immune system

Photo: Lina Bou

What can we do when a virus is visiting your body and you need extra support?
Maybe you don't have so much energy if you are in bed to cook and prepare healthy foods. But at least I want to share some popular, and easy immune boosting advices for you.

Ginger- & lemondrink
Cut ginger into small pieces, squeeze lemon and add hot water into a glas. Add some raw unprocessed honey if needed for sore throat. Drink it everyday, a lot.


Due to the powerful sulfur containing nutrients and immune stimulators, garlic is a natural immunboosting herb. It contains over 100 biologically active components including alliin, allicin, alliinase and unique sulfur compounds. When garlic is crushed or chewed it forces the allin and allinase enzyme together and causes a chemical reaction to produce allicin, so to squeeze fresh garlic on a ricecracker with some butter or oil is a good advice how you easy can eat your raw garlic.
If you have problems with your stomach, you have to be careful.

Remember to make sure you allways have extra supplements in your home, you never know when you need it.

Vitamin C

Try to find a vitamin c that is combined with flavonoids for better uptake. And start with 500mg going up to 4g per day when you are sick.

This is a good opportunity to give your body a complex of support, try to find a good source that have different and clean ingredients.

Very important for the immune system. Try zinc picolinat or zinc citrate, and take 50-75mg per day.

Lina Bou

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