Kitty Cat Cupcakes

Meoowww! I love cats so of course I had to make kitty cat cupcakes, and wear my cat sweater during this tutorial! If you want video instructions click here:) 

What you'll need:
*Brown, black and pink fondant
*Wilton tip 1
*Wilton tip 12
*Small circle cutter
*Diamond cutter
*Brown and black buttercream frosting prepared in piping bags using the Wilton tip 1M
*White buttercream

Step1: Roll out the brown fondant, using the diamond cutter, punch out a diamond in the fondant. Once you have done this cut the diamond in half; this will be the cat's ears.

Step2: Repeat step 1 with the black fondant. Now take your Wilton tip 12 and use the small end as a cookie cutter and punch out the cat's eyes.

Step3: Repeat step 1, however rather then cutting the diamond in half only cut a small portion of the ends. This will be used as the inside of the cat's ears. With the small circle cutter, cut out the kitty's nose.

Step4: Taking your piping bag (prepared with the Wilton tip 1M) create tiny peaks on the cupcake to look like fur, do this with both the black and brown.

Step5: Take the cat's ears and the smaller pink triangles and "glue"(using water and a paint brush) the pink onto the ear.

Step6: Now the kitty is ready to assemble!! Place the pink circle in the middle for the nose, the black tiny circles for the eyes and last but certainly not least place the ears on the top of the cupcake!

Step7: This step really helps the cupcake to come together! Take a piping bag filled with white buttercream and the wilton tip 1 and pipe whiskers on the cupcake!
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