Cooking Cinnamon French Toast Minis

I have been trying out this amazing french toast recipe I made. It's sooo easy, it's crazy to even call it a recipe. Kids will definitely love its sweet gooey crunch; and hey, adults may also enjoy this low-cholesterol version of french toast. No eggs required!

Cinnamon French Toast Minis

I am quite certain that a serving (or two) of this cinnamon french toast minis makes a healthy breakfast. Add ham or bacon on the side, if you wish to make it a more filling meal. You can also serve it with fruits like bananas, oranges, strawberries or apples to fill in on the fiber. The composition of my cinnamon french toast is nothing short of cinnamon, milk, the bread and maple (or pancake) syrup.

Here's how to make my cinnamon french toast minis.

Cinnamon French Toast Minis

Ingredients in making cinnamon french toast minis:

  •  Bread loaves, cut into 4 equal parts
  • Evaporated cream milk
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Olive oil
  • Maple syrup
  • Butter, if desired but not preferred
Cooking directions for the toasted minis:
  1. Pour in the milk in a dish bowl.
  2. Add cinnamon powder.
  3. Mix well.
  4. Dip one side of the bread into the milk dish.
  5. Fry the side of the bread that is not dipped. Make sure the heat is at low-medium only.
  6. When the side turns golden, flip to the other side. Add oil if necessary.
  7. When the other side turns golden, set aside.
  8. Finish the rest of the breads.
  9. Pour maple syrup on top of the cinnamon french toasts.
I didn't put butter as a necessary ingredient for the toasted minis. The olive oil and the maple syrup should take care of the grease and sweets that our buds may be looking for. Also, mind that these are the healthy options with regards to fats and sugar sources. Dipping both sides of the bread in milk would make the toast sloppy. If you want a crunchy toast, dip just one side; if you want a pancake-y texture, dipping both sides would be good. As for the amount of cinnamon and milk that you should use for this recipe, kindly head on to our Exact Ingredients page. Lastly, don't throw the remaining milk, in case you have left-overs. You can still use that mixture for your next batch tomorrow; or drink it with coffee. If you prefer to do the later, note that you don't have to add sugar to your coffee. The cinnamon would act of your defense against the strong aroma and flavor of your coffee! Neat, huh?

I hope you enjoyed this one.

Cinnamon French Toast Minis

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