Cooking Minatamis na Saging (Plantains Recipe)

Let's make some minatamis na saging or sweetened banana or bananas in caramel syrup. Call it how ever you wish. One thing;s for sure, it's one dessert recipe you should try at least once in your life!

Cooking Minatamis na Saging (Plantains Recipe)

Minatamis na saging is a plantain recipe that's very popular in the Philippines. There are many ways to cook it. Some like the sweet caramel to solidify and engulf the entire banana or the plantains. Others (like me ehem) are happy with the caramel syrup surrounding the soft plantains. Yummm!

Cooking minatamis na saging is basically a no sweat dish. However, it may take some time. You need to wait for the sugar to caramelize up to the thickness you desire. The good thing about caramelizing the sugar in cooking minatamis na saging is that you don't have to be in front of the pan as it cooks. You can do other things while you're cooking minatamis na saging.

Shall we start? Let's!

Ingredients in cooking minatamis na saging:

  •  Plantains (saging na saba), peeled not cut
  • Water
  • Brown sugar
  • Salt
If you don't want a red or brown sweetened bananas, you can use white sugar. The difference between the nutritional values of the two wouldn't matter much for this recipe.

Steps in cooking minatamis na saging:
  1. Place all the ingredients in one pan.
  2. Cover the pan.
  3. Put the stove to medium to high heat.
  4. Let it boil for 30 minutes.
  5. Lower the heat to medium. Make sure that the water is still boiling.
  6. Wait for the liquids to thicken. It may take at least 30 more minutes.
  7. When the syrup is thick and turns to a lovely red, turn off the heat.
  8. Let the bananas cool down in a dish.

Cooking Minatamis na Saging (Plantains Recipe)

That's just too easy! Let's make another recipe out of these sweet plantains. Gather some crushed ice and evaporated milk. Put the cooled off plantains in a small bowl, add the ice and the milk. Put in some mints, if you have at home.

Ahh.. heavenly! It actually tastes like halo-halo (another Filipino dessert).

Cooking Minatamis na Saging (Plantains Recipe)

Take caution though in having this dessert. Sweetened plantains are very addictive. I can eat this all day, really!! However, if you're watching your sugar level, you may want to stick to just 1 serving.

Remember me when you cook!

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