The daily detox routine, the most powerful

Detox for your soul, mind and body.

You don't need to take weeks of holiday, spend hours of planning food schedule and change lifestyle to be able to do a "detox"! There are things you can do, that helps your system work as a watch and look great and shine. 

There is different types of detox. Detox means cleansing, something that should include our daily routin, right?
In a standard lifestyle today, we are exposed for a lot of different toxins and bacteria that comes into our system, welcome or not. Bacteria are natural and a part of our life, and it doesn't have to be harmful for you. But as everything, it's about moderation and what your individual lifestyle includes.

These are things that helps you to support the body and get rid of toxins;


A method that is fantastic for boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage, and ultimately ridding the body of toxins. Your skin is your biggest organ, after all. Also, effective reducing cellulites.
How often: once a day, or allways before taking a shower, the skin needs to be dry.

- one of many reasons to get that excercise done! Sweat out your toxins, in the gym, the running track, on your bike, on the yoga math, with your partner or cleaning the house! 
How often: I would say every day. At least try to get 20 minutes, or 1 hour 3-5 times per week.

Need some help to sweat? Well, sauna is an excellent option. If you can stand the heat, 20 minutes of sauna is great for relaxing and detoxifying.
How often: Few times per week, after exercise is great! 

Lymph massage
Give your lymph an extra push to clean itself, by give a massage. You can do it on yourself or on others by massaging the specific zones. 
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How often: You can do some minutes of lymph massage everyday, while reading, watching TV or first thing when waking up in the morning. Or go and do a intensive treatment at your proffessional masseur a few times per months.

And at least; Diet and Supplements
Eat as clean food as possible, organic natural foods. Stay away from processed foods, refined sugar and flours. Eat healthy fats, fibers, vegetables and tasty foods!

For best results, these advices should be combined.
I hope you got some new ideas and inspiration how to take care of yourself and help your amazing body in everyday life. 

Any questions or comments, please contact me.
/ Lina 

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