Sunshine & vitamin D; about the healing properties and how to avoid damage in a natural way.

Illustration by Sofia Zetterstedt for MyTasteofHealth.

Getting sufficient natural sunlight is beneficial and healing. It helps balance hormones and is necessary for the production of vitamin D. So we need sunlight, but we don't want to get burn. That's why the best way is to protect your skin in a natural way, so you can avoid getting burned but still get the healing benifits of the sunlight.

The vitamin is necessary for the formation of healthy, strong bones and for the prevention of osteoporosis, rickets, and osteomalacia. Vitamin D is essential for proper immune function and is needed to help fight off infections, inhibit the development of autoimmune diseases (diabetes, lupus, MS, etc.), and block the formation of cancer. In addition, vitamin D helps regulate blood sugar levels, moderate blood pressure, ease chronic inflammation, helps prevent dementia, and can even ease risks associated with exposure to radiation.

Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D is produced by the action of UV rays from sunlight interacting with cholesterol in our skin. It is hard to get your vitamin D from other sources than sunlight. The best dietary sources are organ meats, particularly liver. If you don't eat liver or fish liver oils then you must get your vitamin D from sunlight. 

Try to eat dietary sources of vitamin D. These include:
• Fish liver oils, such as cod liver oil. 1 TBSP (15 ml) = 1,360 IU of vitamin D
• Cooked wild salmon. 3.5 oz = 360 IU of vitamin D
• Cooked mackerel. 3.5 oz = 345 IU of vitamin D
• Sardines, canned in oil, drained. 1.75 oz = 250 IU of vitamin D
• One whole egg = 20 IU of vitamin D
• Porcini mushrooms 4 ounces = 400 IU of vitamin D

How to protect your skin in natural ways:

Coconut oil
When sunscreen lotion were first solded commercially the main ingredient was actually coconut oil.
Coconut oil protects the body from sunburn and skin cancer without blocking the beneficial UV radiation that is needed for the vitamin D production. But allways be aware of that long term sun exposure is not safe on your skin, unless protected by clothing or hats. So please experiment with coconut oil to be sure that its effective for your own skin type.

Antioxidant support
The sun rays damage the skin through free radicals, to counteracting free radicals to make damage it's important with antioxidants. By taking daily supplement of antioxidants you will certainly improve the body's ability to prevent sunburn, among several other health benefits. Here comes two;

One of the most powerful antioxidant in the body, member of the carotenoid family.

Taking extra supplements of resveratrol, a flavonoid primarily found in grapes, can help your body to avoid sunburn.

Aloe vera
Good and calming when you have been out in the sun all day. Also, if you burn your skin in the sun, aloe vera works as a natural healing for burned skin.

There is more things you can do for avoiding sunburn. If you're living healthy and not expose you for unnecessary toxins, be smart and moderate when it comes to sun exposion! But also; 
go out and get that sunlight because it's important for you!

Have a good one!

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