Weekend Wanderer: the Fourth

This weekend was so relaxing and rejuvenating. I take the weekend very seriously and self care is absolutely necessary in order to thrive. 

This weekend included the Fourth of July so I got to have some pretty special eats. I love get-togethers because it's a great opportunity to make something fun for lots of people. Any chance I get to make something special I usually take it, and these sorts of outings are always a great opportunity!

For the Fourth I made these little star cookies. I asked my friend what I should make for the holiday and she sent me a link to the cutest little cookies. However, they were just store-bought regular cookie dough with a cream cheese frosting ... but they definitely got my brain werkin' ...

Our friends had a mini feast prepared for the Fourth festivities and had this little salad number prepared. It was absolutely divine, I loved it. I even recreated my own version a couple days later!

I ended the weekend at the beach. I let myself soak in the salty water and used the sand to scrub my skin. I love wearing my big, floppy hat and just laying in the sun. It is such a grounding experience and makes my body vibrate with the new found energy.

This weekend it was very windy at the beach. There have been a lot of storms surrounding us and so the waves were out of control. It was quite a workout just to stay in one place! So of course, I took advantage of the mini workout and just let my body do its thang.

And no lazy weekend morning is complete without some kind of indulgent breakfast ...

How was your weekend??


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