Chocolate Cocozia Coconut Water Review

Chocolate Cocozia Coconut Water

Move over coconut water, there’s a new kid in town. 

It’s chocolate coconut water from Cocozia and it's delicious.

You may remember that last year I did a review on Cocozia coconut water.  In that blog I used the water as the star ingredient in a tropical smoothie.  

Later in the year, I demonstrated the versatility of coconut water when I used it in place of broth in my Quinoa and Crimini Risotto recipe.  

I love coconut water.  I feel like there's no better way to hydrate than with coconut water.  And we all know the importance of hydration when it comes to staying healthy.

But no matter how big a fan I happen to be of coconut water, my daughter still doesn't like to drink it straight.  She loves it in soups or smoothies but won't try it straight after her initial taste test.  I remember it well...she took a few sips, shook her head and handed it back.  

But she does love chocolate so I was hopeful she might like this variety.  Maybe hope is a strong word.

In all actuality I was wondering if she'd even try it.  She can be pretty stubborn at times.  Once she has something in her head, it's pretty hard to get her to change her mind.  

But when I handed her the carton she half smiled and agreed to give it a try.  That was a huge victory in itself

To my astonishment she loved it.  

I guess I shouldn't have been so shocked.  This stuff is like Yoohoo for grownups.  It's very rich and chocolaty yet not as sickeningly sweet as the drink I used to love as a child.

This chocolate Cocozia variety might be just what I need to keep from eating a chocolate bar while I'm trying so hard to stick to my resolutions.  It's a great alternative to eating dessert.  

But although I love it, I actually prefer the plain variety.  It's what I've grown accustomed to when I think about coconut water.  I also like the fact that the plain variety can be used in either sweet or savory dishes.  

Additionally, the original variety is only 40 calories per serving while the chocolate variety has 60.  And as far as the ingredients lists compare to each other, the original variety contains only coconut water, while the chocolate variety also contains: organic coconut milk, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa powder, organic guar gum and salt. 

I suspect it’s the addition of the cane sugar and cocoa that has my daughter so excited.  Still this is a much healthier alternative over soft drinks for her.

We’re halfway through the cold and flu season and so far I haven’t been sick but you can rest assured that I’ll be keeping my pantry stocked with both varieties just encase. 

I LOVE THIS STUFF..  The only drawback for me is how pricey it can be as compared to cheaper sports drinks but I guess you get what you pay for.  Obviously it's more expensive to harvest coconut water than it is to mix up sugar water with vitamin powders.  

You can check it out at Amazon HERE.  

I’m already dreaming up what sort of sweet creations I can concoct with Cocozia's chocolate flavor.  Smoothies are the obvious choice but I think I can come up with something more creative than that.  

Have no fear, whatever recipes I dream up will be shared on my blog and Youtube channel of course.
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