Home made chocolate - with toasted almonds & chili

Photo: Lina Bou, all rights reserved.

Okay chocolate lovers, here it comes, another home made chocolate recipe just because It's so delicious and We love it. Cacao (in moderate amount and in high quality) is a super good food for many reasons and the perfect snack/treat. One of my favorites is this one, with almonds, chili and beautiful calendula flowers!


50g cacao butter
50g cacao powder
15g honey or coconut sugar

one pinch chili
1 tbsp toasted almonds, crushed
Topping: dried calendula flowers

Gently melt the cacao butter in a water bath on low temperature (42°c for raw fooders and higher quality ! ). In another bowl, add the cacao butter together with cacao powder, honey and spices and stir well until everything is mixed.
In optional forms spread the almond pieces and then top with the meted chocolate, and end with calendula flowers on top as (edible!) decoration.
Leave in the fridge until hard texture, and then ready to take out the forms and serve!

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