Meatball Sliders, plus 10 Super Bowl Ideas

                                              Mom's Best Sunday Meatballs
Try these meatball sliders, they are a playful approach to a classic!  Perfect for Super Bowl
game party this weekend!  Make these meatballs homemade, or buy them frozen. Then heat
them in your tomato sauce about 30 minutes, and serve them on bakery buns as sliders.
Make extra, these go very quickly!

                                    1. Easy Hot Chili Cheese Dip - Only 3 Layers
An amazing chili cheese dip you prepare in minutes!  It is a great "make-ahead" dip.
Chill over night, then microwave only 5 minutes before serving! 
So addicting and AMAZING!!


                                                     2.  Cold Spinach Dip
This is the classic spinach dip that has a crunchy texture so flavorful everyone will
love this dip!  It too, is heavenly addicting!

                                                   3. Chicken Quesadillas
Quick and easy chicken quesadillas loaded with vegetables, melted cheese and
bite-size pieces of grilled chicken.  Serve them warm with some sour cream, so yummy!

                                                   4. Classic Beef Chili
Our classic beef chili is a favorite at Super Bowl gatherings. Cooked and spiced up to perfection!  Served with organic tortilla chips, so satisfying for everyone!

You can't go wrong serving a Mac and Cheese casserole this weekend! 
 This mac and cheese is loaded with pancetta and caramelized onions, then baked in
 a creamy white sauce made with 3 favorite cheeses!  YUM!

                                6.  Baked Chicken Nuggets - The Healthy Way!
A healthier choice!  Instead of chicken wings, try these chicken nuggets that are
baked instead of fried!  The kids will go bonkers with these!

                                              7.  Mexican Spicy Bean Dip
Quick and easy 5 minute dip you can prepare the night before.  Chill and serve with your
favorite tortilla chips or crackers!  Made with only 3 layers too!  Amazing!

                                       8. Super Easy Lasagna with Bolognese Sauce
Here is a super easy lasagna with step by step illustrations to make this one in minutes!
Don't want meat?  Make a vegetarian lasagna instead!  Make, bake and heat up!

                                      9. Baked Artichoke and Spinach Dip
Back by popular demand!  Artichoke and spinach dip is a favorite dip for the entire
gang to enjoy! Another great make-ahead dip, filled with healthy greens! 

                                              10.  Baked Mini Rice Balls Stuffed
Another fun idea for party food!  These are mini rice balls stuffed with cheese and soppressata, then baked until golden and crispy!  Just serve these with some marinara sauce for dipping!


The news is broadcasting Blizzard warnings for the entire Northeast.  We wish everyone a safe day!
xxoo Anna and Liz
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