Protein rich salad - sweet potatoes with homemade parsley and almond pesto

Photo: Lina Bou. All rights reserved.

I love to use different herbs and spices, and working with different seeds and colors in the kitchen (creativity = cooking! ) - the best thing is that they have many different health benefits and also it's a pleasure to eat when its beautiful.
The sweet potato, chickpeas and the
almond butter in the pesto makes a good whole protein and is a filling salad. I served it together with my broccoli and beet root salad and on top I sprinkled nori sea weed, which not only is tasty but also gives you energy, boost thyroid and an amazing source of essential minerals!

Recipe "Sweet potato with home made parsley and almond pesto"

1 sweet potato (around 90g)
a pinch of fresh parsley
1/2 tbsp almond butter
2 tbsp olive oil
fresh squeezed lemon juice from half a lemon
50 ml water
salt & pepper

Peel and cut the sweet potato in smaller cubes, fry gentle with some olive oil and then cover with water to boil until soft, about 10-12 minutes.
In a separate bowl, add parsley, almond butter, olive oil, lemon juice and spices with some of the water. Mix with a hand blender into a nice and creamy pesto.
Now; Take off the sweet potato from the heat and rinse, add to the pesto and either you mix it together to a creamy pure (as served above on the photo) or you just leave the pieces and make a nice potato salad.

And; six days in on the new year of 2015,

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