Home made Soft Paneer - How to make Paneer or Cottage Cheese - With Step Wise Pictures

Paneer is an Indian cheese  made from Milk.  Paneer made at home will be  soft and spongy. It enriches extra taste to Paneer gravies. It is easy and simple to make paneer at home.No we will learn to make paneer at home with stove top.After making paneer you can refrigerate it even for  3 - 4 days.


Milk - 1 litre.
Lemon Juice - 3 tbsp.


  • Boil the Milk, when Milk raises,  keep the stove in sim mode and add Lemon juice. stir the milk, so that it  does not stick to base.

  •  Milk should be completely curdled, if not add one  more tsp of lemon juice.
  • When milk curdles completely, drain it in a cheese cloth or muslin cloth as shown in the picture.
  • Then gather the cloth, and hang it for 12 - 15 minutes,  keep any vessel under the cloth, to collect whey water.(you can add whey water to make chapathis or to cook veggies. Adding whey water gives softness to chapathi's.).
  • squeeze the curdled milk cloth once or twice in between to remove excess whey water.
  •  when  whey water removed completely  place one plate, upon which cloth of curdled milk,then cover it again with one more plate, then keep heavy object on it as shown in the picture. I  kept mortar and pestle.
  • Let it rest for 40 minutes. Then after that, open the cloth, block of soft and spongy paneer is ready.

  • Milk may not curdle if lemon juice is not sufficient.
  • when whey water starts separating, stir well, else milk may stick to base of the vessel.
  • Make sure that,whey water drains from curdled milk completely,else paneer will get crumbled.
  • you can also use curd or vinegar to curdle the milk, but i prefer lemon.
  • I used aavin Green to make this milk. you can also make it with 2 % low fat milk.

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