Baked Granola

Granola is a healthy breakfast dish.  I first tasted granola at a hotel breakfast bar & instantly fell in love with it. I love crunchy food & granola is mildly crunchy which won't put so much of stress on your tooth too. Granola is mix of oats, sweetener,  nuts, dried fruits & some butter. It is a perfect filling breakfast to start your day with. I used steel cut oats to make this dish as it gives this a much crunchier texture. But the original granola consists of rolled oats & a little mix of steel cut oats too. You can play with the recipe & customize it as you like. Like for a sweetener you can go with brown sugar, maple syrup, granulated sugar, honey or any other sweetener of your choice.  I came across few microwavable granola dishes which I would love to give them a try in near future. For now I'm settling with this baked granola which makes me happy in tummy.
Prep Time-5mins
Cook Time-35mins
1Cup steel cut oats
1/4Cup brown sugar
2Tbs butter @ room temperature
1/4Tsp salt
1/4Cup pumpkin seeds
1/4Cup sliced almonds
1/4Cup chopped apricots
- Pre-heat oven @300F degrees & line the baking sheet with lining.
- In bowl mix all the above ingredients & spread the mixture evenly on baking sheet without any lumps.
- Bake @300F degrees for 15mins. Then remove granola mixture from oven & shuffle it to bake it evenly.
- Place back the baking sheet in oven & bake for 20 more minutes or till it turned to mild brown in color.
- Remove from oven & cool it on counter. In case of lumps break them before storing.
- Store it in a airtight container.
- I have used only steel cut oats. You can replace them with rolled oats or can make a crunchy granola with half & half of both.
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