Baked Omelette

Baked Omelette is a perfect breakfast for any day. This is a simple Indian style omelette which can also be made on a stove top with little more of oil addition to it. I like baking it because of the simplicity of it. Once you have the mixture ready & the bowl is in the oven you can relax or get to the left out work. This dish is very fulling for a breakfast when served along with bagels or bread & a glass of juice. 
Prep Time-10mins 
Cook/Bake Time - 15 to 20mins
3 Large eggs
1/2Cup chopped onions 
1Tomato finely chopped 
1/4Cup coriander leaves finely chopped 
1/2Tsp turmeric 
1&1/2Tsp chili powder 
1Tsp garam masala powder {Optional}
Salt to Taste 
- Pre-heat oven @350 degrees & line a deep baking bowl with sliver foil. Brush it with little oil.
- In a large bowl add onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, turmeric, garam masala powder, chili powder & salt. Mix them well.
- Break open eggs in to the veggie mixture. Whisk the mixture & pour it in to the foiled baking dish.
- Bake for 15 to 20mins or until a wooden pick comes out clean. 
- Remove from oven & cool it on counter top.
- Don't use a spatula to remove the omelette. Remove foil from baking dish & flip on to a plate to avoid breaking the omelette. 
- Serve once it is warm.
- I used one whole egg & 2 egg whites instead of whole 3 eggs. 
- You can add in broccoli, spinach & mushrooms for much healthier version.
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