Nori rolls with buckwheat & sun dried tomatoe filling and avocado..

Bon appetit!

I love seaweeds & the idea of sushi - a tasty filling, with a nice sauce, fresh - but i am not a fan of white rice full of a sugary vinegar.. This is one of my own sushi versions that i prefer!  



Nori paper
Seasonal leaves and green salad
Pumpkin seeds
Creamy buckwheat paste (recipe & ingredients bellow)

Buckwheat filling
1 cup buckwheat groats (bring to boil, rinse, bring to boil again and rinse with cold water)
1 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp tahini

3 sundried tomatoes
pinch cayenne
salt & pepper
some water (buckwheat really absorbs water so you may need to add more if you save it for later)

Remember to prepare the buckwheat by rinsing it very well, then bring to boil(the water will be a bit red, it's normal), rinse it and then bring to boil again and rinse with cold water.
Afterwards just mix all the ingredients with a mixer until creamy texture, add water as needed.

Now; spread the buckwheat filling on the nori paper and add some cut avocado and roll it.
Serve with fresh seasonal salad, grated zucchini, gomashio, some quality olive oil and toasted pumpkin seeds. Dip the nori roll in some tamari and enjoy!

Have fun & take care,

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