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There are millions of herbs, home cures and tricks that you can use on a daily basis to make life a little bit easier and take advantage of when it's needed.
Sometimes the answer can be super simple and easy to fix, while other times is more about the lifestyle choices - either way, there is always amazing how we can heal with what nature has to offer (even living in a city) and how our body respond to that. Here is a short list of the ones i use the most and that people ask about: 

Trouble sleeping

Make a big tea pot with chamomile tea and drink one hour before bedtime.
1 tbsp dried flowers + 1 liter water
Tips! Use two tea bags, cool down after infusion and make eye masks, simply putting the tea bags on your eye globes. Very calming and relaxing for your eyes.

Good as tea or use the essential oil, that has beautiful effects.
Tips! Simply put some lavender on your pillow (a few drops) and it will help you get into sleeping mode.

When you want to have really deep sleep, valerian can really get you there. It calms your brain and is very relaxing and also help digestion.
Make a cup of tea before bedtime.

Optional natural supplementation;
Magnesium(citramate or citrate form preferable) (200-300mg) , Melatonin (1-3mg)

Digestion aid

ginger tea after or before eating not only helps with digestion but it also gives energy and its a powerful antioxidant. Just cut fresh ginger in pieces and make an infusion for about 10 minutes.

1 tbsp dried dandelion to 0,5-1 liter, great for digestion and it's also diuretic.

Also; green tea, mint leafs, cardamom, fennel seeds, black pepper, all bitter herbs, raw cacao.

Optional natural supplementation;
Digestive enzymes (proteas, laktas, lipas..), Bromelain; 1-2 capsules with meal.

Head ache
It can be many reasons why you are having head ache; is it the liver that needs support? Having heavy metals in your system from drugs or amalgam fillings? Are you very tense? Do you eat foods that you might be intolerant to? Try to find out the reason why, and if you have it often - write down when you have it, and maybe you will see a pattern..

The essential oil is a "must have" at home. Massage it on the temples, neck or area where you feel the pain (it is really strong so just take a few drops).

Green tea
The caffeine in the tea will help to release tensions and can help to get rid of head ache.

Massage the acupressure point L14 He Gu - located on the hands. It can ease headaches and even toothaches. Find that tender spot and press down firmly, then hold for 10 minutes or more.

Optional natural supplementations;
Magnesium(200-400mg), vitamin C(500-1000mg)

If you have migraine; consider to take magnesium on daily basis, look at your diet (cut out sugar, wine and other alcohol), exercise and sweat at least 3 times/week to help circulation and get rid of toxins, also balance your hormones with getting good sleeping routine and also make sure you get enough and good nutrition in your diet.

Food poisoning
It can happen any where; in your home or traveling around the world, and your body will react and you will know it - what you should do is to clean out what ever you ate and get a fresh start.. Start with killing the bacterias, and then you can support with probiotics to build your immune system and gastric bacterias.

again, it kills bacteria and support an upset stomach. Cook a lot with it, make teas or also as extra supplement in tincture form or capsules.

Black pepper
Another "cleaner" that kills bacteria and parasites.

Black walnut
One of the most effective parasite-killer-herbs used in many anti-bacterial treatment.
Used form; Tincture

Artemisia Annua
My personal favorite when traveling, good cleansing herb that keeps most of the bacterias away.

Other; consider having a Live Blood Analysis for more specific examination of parasites at your Functional Medicinal Clinic.

Heartburn/acid reflux is not caused by too much acid in your stomach - it’s usually a problem with too little acid; it's a result of acid indigestion and an unbalanced gastric function.
So I am just adding for your information: What normal medication does, is suppress the production of stomach acid - 95 percent of heartburn cases are actually not caused by too much stomach acid, but rather too little!

So taking these drugs will only WORSEN your condition. So what we want to do is to help to balance your gastric function and support production of stomach acid. Meadowsweet

You can find it in tincture or make tea of the flowers (that smells amazing) 2,5 -3,5 g / day.
It regulates the stomach acid and digestion and has a very good effect on people with heartburn problems.

When you eat enough of probiotics it will help balance your bowel flora, which can help eliminate helicobacter bacteria naturally. It will also aid in proper digestion and assimilation of your food. So restoring your natural gastric balance and function is a important step to get rid of heartburn.

Ideally you would get probiotics from fermeted foods like natto, fermented vegetables (like kimchi), kefir etc.

Optional nutritional supplementation: high quality probiotic supplementation, for example Bacillus Coagulans strain.

The basic rule to overall good health is the everyday life style you choose to live.

For further individual consultation and advices talk to your nutritional therapist and i
f you have serious problems or disease contact a doctor.

Wild nettles.

Take care,Lina
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