Best Home-Made Limoncello and NEW Arancello

Best Home-Made Limoncello and New Arancello made with real organic lemons or oranges, sugar and grain alcohol.  An Italian tradition, served to adults during hot summer evenings, limoncello is normally served chilled as an after dinner liqueur. It is made from the peel of lemons mixed with sugar and grain alcohol.

So we decided to make a batch for our friends to enjoy.

We use only organic lemons, or if you have a lemon tree in your yard,  that is even better.  Like vodka, it is best to keep limoncello in the freezer all year long!  It has a strong lemony flavor with a refreshing tang, but without the bitterness. Limoncello is known as an after dinner digestive, and it's really good for you!

Grain alcohol is not easily obtainable here in the US, because it is only legal in certain states.  However, if you can't find it, you can substitute Vodka for the grain. There is a simple science into making this, an 8 to 10 day easy process, and if you have the patience, the effort is worth it!  Your friends and family will be AMAZED you made this!

We look forward to making more flavors this summer and sharing them with you.

Here's a TIP:  The ingredients given in our recipe are based on making the "Lemon" version. You can make flavors such as Arancello, just by substituting with Oranges, or even Tarancello made with Tangerines!  We think our Mom made up the name "Tarancello" because in Italy, tangerines are called mandarini!


Best Home-Made Limoncello and NEW Arancello

1.5 liter of Grain Alcohol, or Vodka to substitute
15  organic lemons - (or 15 organic oranges for Arancello)
6  cups sugar
1.5 liter of Water
6 Sealable Jars or one large sealable jar

You may store Limoncello in additional small glass bottles or jars for storage.
You can find these sealable jars at TARGET STORES.

1.  Wash the lemons thoroughly - scrub them clean of all outside residue.
2. Peel skins using a potato peeler, carefully peeling only the skins without the pith.  The pith is the white part under the skin that causes bitterness.
3.  Place the peels into a large glass jar with alcohol only.
4.  Seal jar and write the date somewhere on the jar ( use stickers, its easier).
5.  Place jar in a cool, dry and DARK room for 8-10 days, slowly shaking the jar once daily to mix contents. 

NOTE:  As the days progress, you will see the alcohol become yellower in color, and the peels begin to turn white.  That is because the oils of the lemons are being removed from the peels and are now infusing into the alcohol.  The longer the peels are left in the liquid, the yellower and more lemony the flavor.

** When you have decided that the liquid is yellow enough, after 8-10 days, then it is time to complete the process.

1.  In a stove top pot, dissolve the sugar completely in water on medium heat.  Cool mixture to room temperature.  DO NOT ADD ALCOHOL MIXTURE TO HOT POT.

2.  Remove lemon peels from Alcohol jars and add the lemony alcohol to sugar water mixture on stove top.  You will notice the color of the alcohol will change from clear to cloudy when added. 

3.  Continue to stir until well mixed.

4.  Pour the mixture into tightly sealable glass bottles and store in freezer.  

5.  Limoncello should be kept in freezer at all times until ready to serve.  Must be served very cold, and will have a thicker consistency when served.

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