Green Smoothie Raspberry Popsicles | © 2015 |

 | © 2015 |

Green smoothie in pop form! These frozen treats are a perfect healthy snack for summertime and a good fun way to get kids to “eat” their vegetables. If you ain't really into the leafy greens, simply use cucumber, celery or even parsley instead and mango and kiwi can be used in place of banana too.

  • 30 g Kale leaves, trimmed and chopped
  • 30 g Salad leaves
  • 1 Small ripe banana, chopped
  • 200 ml Coconut water
  • 1 tsp Lime juice
  • Some frozen raspberries

  1. Place the kale, salad leaves, banana, coconut water and lime juice in a blender and blend for 
1–2 minutes or until smooth.
  2. Divide the mixture among 8-10 popsicles moulds with a couple of frozen raspberries. Insert a popsicle stick into each mould. Place in freezer to firm up overnight. | © 2015 | | © 2015 |

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