"Smoothies to Live For!" … the book!!! + a sample recipe!

Greetings, adorable ones! I do know how long it's been since I've created a post for you… too long! Alas, I have been moving into our new digs, renovating, painting, creating on numerous projects and have been entrenched in the entire process. It is still ongoing but I have come up for air to tell you the very exciting news that my first book, Smoothies to Live For! is finally published and available for purchase! You can find it on Amazon in paperback or Kindle version and in most bookstores. If you don't see it on your bookstore's shelf, just ask for it and they will order it for you! I'm very proud of the final product and I hope that you will enjoy these yummy smoothie recipes and all of the beautiful photos.

It's been a wild couple of months, getting the book ready and moving into our new home, but I think most of the work is behind me now and I'll be able to get back to posting nutritious recipes for you very soon! :)

Here is a sample recipe from the book which has not been posted on the blog before. Summer is upon us here in the states and, boy, what a hot one it's been for most of us. So cool off and drink up! And please spread the word about my book. I don't do any advertising on my blog, aside from my Amazon store and a link to Dr. Fuhrman's store site, from which I make an infinitesimal commission, so any support is humbly appreciated!

Click on the photo to get to the Amazon page for ordering!

Healthy trails from very tired but very happy me!


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