Mini Treats for the Fussy Eaters

There is yet hope for us, mums, with fussy eaters. I learned a way to trick my little one into eating proteins and veggies; and he seems to love it. Well, love is a strong word. What I meant was he eats these bite-size treats without any drama. Perhaps, you’d like to give this one a try. 


Feeding time is such a big task for both me and my son. He’s under 2yo and is a very fussy eater. I need to force feed him most of the time; and he needs to “force eat” what I shove in his mouth. So many wasted food… so many wasted tears! Except for finger foods like potato chips, my little guy simply doesn’t like eating.


Lately though, I found a way to put some proteins in his diet without the coercion. Mini hash browns! These minis make my life a lot easier. Since I know he likes finger foods; I tried making bite-sized all-in-one treats for him. I put in proteins, complex carbs, vegetables and cheese. It works wonders!

Here’s what you need –small portions of each of these ingredients: 
-Minced pork or chicken or beef (left-overs meats would also work)
-Shredded carrots
-Cubed potatoes
-Shredded cheese
-Egg whites
-Cornstarch (cornflour)

You only need small amounts of each, or just enough for them to finish. I cut the potatoes and carrots into halves. I use the other half for the next feeding time.


1.    Mix them all in a deep dish.
2.    Use 2 teaspoons to scoop out and form small portions of mini hashes.

Try to make it as bite-size as possible so they eat them in one go.
3.    Fry in cooking oil. 


No need to add salt in these because the cheese is already salty. Plus, it’s sweet, too because of the carrots. More so, I noticed that shredding the carrots (rather than diced or minced) is tastier. It also looks more appealing for my bub.
I haven’t tried baking these mini treats. Two reasons –I’m not good in baking and the portions are just too small. I supposed it would be healthier having less fat. That’s up to you and your baking skills.


I tried the same thing method with foods that my husband and I eat during meals. Say, we had Tinola the other day. I took out the chicken meat, got some chayote and mixed them with potato and carrots. You can use other veggies like broccoli and spinach. Use whatever you have at home. In addition to this, I prepare fresh juice for him for a more balanced meal.
Feeding time is still a struggle for me because I want my bub to eat the right portions during meals. For now, I’m happy that he gets some amount of proteins. I am hoping that soon we would eventually like eating without the fuss.
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